How Do Dental Implants Affect Adjacent Teeth?

When you have missing teeth, restoring them is essential not just for cosmetic reasons but for your oral health as well. Missing teeth leave your gums vulnerable and can set off a chain reaction that leads to further tooth loss. However, not all tooth restorations are created equal. Dental implants offer several advantages over other types of restorations, including the way that they affect your adjacent teeth.

If you get a bridge or partial dentures to replace missing teeth, the restoration will rely on the neighboring healthy teeth for support. Over time, this puts stress on those teeth, which can eventually cause you to lose them. To make space for bridges and dentures, your dentist may also have to make modifications to neighboring teeth that can hasten the speed at which they become weakened. Because an artificial root in your jaw supports dental implants, they don’t put pressure on adjacent teeth, so they won’t trigger future oral health problems.

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