Which Type of Gingival Biopsy Are You Having?

One of your dentist’s most important responsibilities is to check your gums for signs of oral cancer. If your dentist sees any signs of cancer, he or she will do a gingival biopsy in order to confirm or disprove the suspicion. These are the types of biopsies that your dentist may perform on you:

Incisional biopsy

This is the most frequently used type of gum biopsy. In an incisional biopsy, your dentist will take a sample of tissue from your gums and check for any suspicious-looking cells. If your dentist determines that there are cancerous cells in your gums, he or she will also look for indications as to where they originated in your body.

Excisional biopsy

If there is a growth in your gums that is both visible and readily accessible, your dentist may make the decision to simply remove it during the biopsy. An excisional biopsy may also be used to remove an entire area of tissue, if there is a specific portion of your gums that is considered suspicious.

Percutaneous biopsy

This is a type of biopsy that is performed through a needle. Your dentist may recommend either a fine needle biopsy, which uses a very thin needle to take a small amount of tissue, or a core needle biopsy, which uses a wider needle to take a larger portion of tissue.

Brush biopsy

This is the least invasive type of biopsy, since it does not use any sharp tools. During a brush biopsy, your dentist will rub a brush against your gums to obtain the tissue. Brush biopsies are frequently recommended by dentists for first evaluations, since the results can be used to determine whether another biopsy will be necessary.

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