Nail Biting: The Common Habit That Can Lead to Major Oral Health Problems

If your parents always told you to stop biting your nails when you were growing up, hopefully, you took their advice. Biting your nails comes with many potential hazards, and you might need dental implants or veneers to reverse damage to your teeth. Nail biting is especially tough to deal with if you have a serious oral fixation, but visiting your general dentistry practice can help. Read ahead and learn about this common habit and how it affects your oral health.

Dangers of Nail Biting

Every time you bite your nails, you introduce any germs that were on your fingers into your mouth. That means that nail biting is extra dangerous if you don’t watch your hands frequently. The enamel on our teeth was not meant to handle our strong fingernails, so continuing to bite away can wear away at your teeth over time. This can lead to chipped teeth and cavities, both of which can affect your smile and your self-esteem.

Dealing with Oral Fixation

You might bite your nails because of oral fixation, which is a tough habit to break. Some people smoke cigarettes or chew gum to satisfy their fixations, and other people choose to bite their nails. Unless the gum you chew is sugarless, none of these options is a tooth-friendly solution to the problem. Chewing sugarless gum stimulates the production of saliva, helps you with your oral fixation, and protects your oral health from damage.

Visiting Your Dentist

If you’re worried that your nail biting is becoming a real problem for your oral health, visit your general dentistry practice. The oral health professionals can suggest other remedies that can keep your fingernails out of your mouth, and they can inspect your teeth to make sure there hasn’t been too much damage done.

Constant nail-biting will take its toll on your oral health, and you might need to see your dentist near Bloomingdale, IL to undo some of the damage. You might need porcelain veneers or dental implants, so don’t wait to call Eagle Falls Dentistry at (630) 894-5992 and protect your health.

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