What to Expect When Your Periodontist Performs an Oral Tissue Biopsy

You might not have had an oral tissue biopsy before, so you’re probably wondering what you’re getting into. A biopsy from your general dentistry professional involves the removal of a small amount of tissue, and it can help you catch problem signs while there’s still time to deal with them. Here’s a little more on what to expect when your periodontist performs an oral tissue biopsy.

Understanding a Biopsy

The purpose of a biopsy is to allow your general dentistry professional to collect a tissue sample. Then he or she will send the sample to a laboratory where it can be tested. Lab technicians will test the tissue sample to check for the presence of cancerous cells and determine if you have a problem that needs treating or not. It’s not always possible to make accurate diagnoses based on history and clinical findings, in which case a biopsy can be of help.

Recognizing the Importance

When you want to be sure that you’re not dealing with a serious oral health condition, you might need to undergo a biopsy. Throughout this procedure, your general dentistry professional and lab technicians will be able to determine if there is a problem that should be dealt with. In the event that no problems are detected, the oral tissue biopsy can offer you some peace of mind and help you sleep at night. If there is a problem, you can start working on a solution right away.

Creating a Treatment Plan

When the biopsy results are unfavorable, you might need oral surgery. The good news is that you can work together with the team at your general dentistry practice to work out a treatment plan. The sooner you start treatment, the better your chances will be of treating your condition.

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