The Basics of Oral Tissue Biopsies

Your dentist can perform a variety of tests to screen you for dental health problems and find out if you could use oral surgery. One type of test your dentist might use is an oral tissue biopsy, although the various kinds work differently. Take a look ahead to learn about the basics of oral tissue biopsies.

What They’re For

When you go in for a biopsy, you’re undergoing a test to see if you show signs of a given health condition. If you’re going in for a routine dental cleaning and your dentist notices gum tissue that looks suspicious, he or she might then use a biopsy to find out if there is indeed a problem at hand. You might have a biopsy if your dentist notices white or red patches on the gums, sores or lesions, or even long-term swelling of the gums. Sometimes your dentist will use biopsies in conjunction with other tests in order to detect conditions like oral cancer.

Different Kinds

There are a few different types of oral tissue biopsies that your dentist can use to uncover an oral health issue and determine if you need oral surgery. In most cases, he or she will use an incisional biopsy. This involves the removal of a small amount of the tissue that looks problematic. Your dentist may, in other cases, use a percutaneous biopsy, which involves the insertion of a needle, or an excisional biopsy, which removes the entire lesion.

How They Work

If you’re a busy person, don’t worry about losing too much time for a biopsy, because they’re usually done in an outpatient setting. Your dentist will numb the area before taking tissue samples or removing the lesion. Once you leave the office, you should be feeling back to normal within a matter of hours.

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