Blog Posts in June, 2017

Are Dental Veneers Right for You?

A nice smile can make you more comfortable in social situations and more confident in your appearance, and modern dentistry provides a few different solutions that can help you achieve yours. Dental ...
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The Basics of Oral Tissue Biopsies

Your dentist can perform a variety of tests to screen you for dental health problems and find out if you could use oral surgery. One type of test your dentist might use is an oral tissue biopsy, ...
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Gum Recession 101

Gum recession is when your gums pull away from your teeth, but why does it happen? This is a symptom of gum disease, and it could mean that you’re not taking care of your teeth properly. Check ...
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A Patient's Guide to Dentures

You can lose your teeth for many reasons, but it tends to happen as you get older. This is why older people can often benefit from dentures, which, like dental implants, can restore their smiles and ...
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What to Expect When Your Periodontist Performs an Oral Tissue Biopsy

You might not have had an oral tissue biopsy before, so you’re probably wondering what you’re getting into. A biopsy from your general dentistry professional involves the removal of a ...
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