Blog Posts in February, 2017

Solving Your Cosmetic Complaints About Your Smile

If your teeth are yellow, or if you have an unattractive chip in one tooth, then you can benefit from cosmetic dentistry. Certain procedures, such as dental bonding, can fill in a chipped tooth or ...
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Reducing Your Risk of Tooth Decay

Cavities are one of the most common problems treated in general dentistry, but they can be prevented by taking the right steps. Regularly seeing your dentist for checkups and dental cleanings can help ...
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Taking Good Care of Your Dentures

For patients with missing teeth, dentures provide an alternative to bridges and oral surgery for dental implants. If you wear dentures, then there are a few important things to know about giving them ...
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Coping with a Dental Emergency

When a dental emergency occurs, there are certain steps to help you cope until you can visit your dentist. It is important to remain calm, whether you have a knocked-out tooth or severe tooth pain. ...
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Design Your Smile Makeover Today!

While dental cleanings and checkups can help keep your mouth healthy, these treatments may not give your teeth the appearance that you want. If you feel self-conscious about smiling and laughing, then ...
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Protect Your Oral Health by Resolving to Quit Smoking in the New Year

When it comes to keeping your mouth healthy, general dentistry appointments and dental cleanings are key. However, your dentist will tell that your lifestyle choices can influence your oral health. By ...
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How a Periodontist Can Improve Your Oral Health

During your dental cleaning, if your general dentistry practitioner notices any signs of gum health issues, he or she may refer you to a periodontist. Periodontics is an oral health specialty that ...
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