Am I a Good Candidate for In-Office Teeth Whitening?

Getting professional dental cleanings every six months will help your teeth stay beautiful and healthy. But sometimes, not even regular checkups at the dental office can keep those pesky stains away. Consider talking to your dentist about in-office teeth whitening. Your dentist can use a potent bleaching agent to banish stains caused by tobacco use, and by the consumption of pigmented foods and beverages.

Some stains are resistant even to professional-grade whitening, including stains caused by physical trauma, fluorosis, and early exposure to tetracycline antibiotics. Otherwise, in-office whitening treatments could be a good option for you. Let your dentist know if you’ve previously experienced any extreme sensitivity to bleaching agents, which can irritate the gum tissues. Dentists take special precautions to protect the gums, but if you’re still concerned, custom take-home trays might be a better choice for you.

Looking for a dental office that offers professional-grade teeth whitening in Bloomingdale, IL? Call (630) 894-5992 to request a visit at Eagle Falls Dentistry on Stratford Drive or Associated Dental Care on Bloomington Road.

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