Treating TMJ Pain with Botox

You may recognize Botox as a skin care treatment that removes your wrinkles and restores your youthful appearance, but it’s also associated with general dentistry. Botox can be used to treat your TMJ pain and relieve your symptoms, which can greatly improve your quality of life. Continue on if you’re interested in treating TMJ pain with Botox.

Botox treatment can be used for much more than getting rid of wrinkles, and it can be a great solution if you suffer from TMJ pain. Treatment involves small injections of Botulinum toxin, which relaxes your muscles. This can relieve the tension in your jaw that TMJ disorder brings about, making it easier to keep your focus and get through the day. Botox treatment is done on an outpatient basis, so it’s not an unreasonable commitment, even for people with busy schedules. If you suffer from TMJ pain, Botox may be the answer.

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