Recognizing the Signs of Gingivitis

One of the most common causes of tooth loss is periodontal disease or gum disease. Gum disease is a progressive infection that occurs in stages. The first stage of gum disease is gingivitis. If the infection is allowed to progress unchecked, serious oral consequences can result. Visiting your dentist every six months for routine exams and dental cleanings can help your teeth and gums stay healthy. You should also watch out for the possible signs of gingivitis and make an additional appointment at your dental office if you notice any abnormalities.


When a person’s gums are healthy, they appear pale pink and are relatively firm. When afflicted by gingivitis, the gums become inflamed, puffy, and dusky red. Patients may notice some tenderness and swelling of the gums. The inflammation occurs as a result of the gum irritation caused by toxins produced by the bacteria.


Inflamed, puffy gums tend to be more susceptible to bleeding. If your gums bleed easily despite exercising caution while brushing and flossing, it’s time to schedule an appointment at your dental office for a periodontal screening.


Bad breath is a common problem that doesn’t always signal gum disease. However, if you suffer from persistent bad breath despite brushing your teeth and avoiding odoriferous foods, you may be developing gingivitis.

Gum Recession

If you detect the signs of gingivitis in a timely manner and receive a deep cleaning from your dental hygienist, then the condition can be easily reversed. However, failing to get dental care promptly can allow gingivitis to progress to periodontitis. When this happens, the gums can begin to recede, which makes the teeth appear longer. The gums also begin to form deeper pockets, which trap more food debris and bacteria, and may even result in the accumulation of pus.

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