Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening Method

Discolored teeth can have a serious impact on the beauty of your smile. When you start to notice that your teeth are yellowing or otherwise discolored, it may be time to schedule an appointment at your dentist. While regular dental cleanings can help to remove stains and discoloration, you may want to set up teeth whitening to restore brilliance to your natural teeth. To help you decide on the right services for your smile, here are some tips for choosing the right teeth whitening method.

Learn About Your Options

The first step of choosing a teeth whitening method is to learn about the different options and procedures that are available to you. Patients can either choose in office teeth whitening or procedures that can be performed at home. Your dentist can provide you with specific information about the advantages of having your teeth professionally whitened.

Ask About UV Methods

For the most powerful whitening results, you may want to ask your dentist about the UV methods that are available during your next dental appointment. Unlike at home methods, which can take weeks to show results, UV whitening procedures will produce dramatic results in a single visit. If you are seeking great results in a quick timeframe, UV bleaching may be the choice for you.

Consider Tooth Sensitivity

Patients with sensitive teeth must be careful when choosing a teeth whitening method. During a teeth whitening procedure, teeth can become even more sensitive to hot and cold. With services from your dental care professional, you can rest assured that your teeth whitening will be safe for your sensitive teeth.

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