Who Is a Good Candidate for Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride is an element that occurs naturally. Your dentist will recommend that you choose oral hygiene products that contain fluoride to help protect your teeth from cavities. At your next appointment for a dental check-up in the clinic in Bloomingdale, you might also receive an in-office fluoride treatment. Children typically receive fluoride treatments from their dentist every six months. Occasionally, a family dentist might also recommend fluoride supplementation. However, because high levels of fluoride can cause adverse effects, fluoride supplementation is generally only recommended for children with low levels of fluoride in their drinking water.

In-office fluoride treatments may be appropriate for some adults who are at a high risk of tooth decay. These include adults who have a prior history of multiple cavities, those who do not see a dentist at least every six months, and those who have trouble maintaining good brushing and flossing habits. For all other adults, fluoridated oral care products such as toothpaste and mouthwash should be sufficient. Contact Eagle Falls Dentistry at 630-894-5180 and Associated Dental Care at 630-893-1300 for all you dental needs!

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